These prints seek to capture the sensual majesty of nature and celebrate the exquisite wonder of the macro world, reflecting my passion for the inner world and fascination with the living vibrancy and colour of flowers.


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  • DELICIOUS - <p><br />Metallic print<br />19cmx19cm<br />Unframed: $140</p>
  • DREAMSCAPE - <p><br />Metallic print<br />19cmx19cm<br />Unframed: $140</p>
  • PRECIOUS OFFERING - <p><br />Metallic print<br />19cmx19cm<br />Unframed</p>
  • ANGEL - <p><br />Metallic print<br />19cmx19cm<br />Unframed</p>
  • WATERMELON - <p><br />Metallic print<br />19cmx19cm<br />Unframed: $140</p>
  • RADIANCE - <p><br />Metallic print<br />19cmx19cm<br />Unframed: $140</p>
  • GOLDEN THREADS - <p><br />Metallic print<br />19cmx19cm<br />Unframed: $140</p>
  • HONEY BUZZ - <p><br />Metallic print<br />19cmx19cm<br />Unframed: $140</p>
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